20 Acts of Kindness in 2020 started with an initiative by one of long term employees that wanted to introduce the idea of a broader and more inclusive volunteering efforts by the employees of our company. The Aquilino Family have always been very generous when asked for charitable donations or volunteering, and have also created some very impactful giving principles that have allowed the local communities we live, work, and play in to have tremendous benefit.

By starting 20in20 Jessica Kelly hoped that the next generation would get some exposure to volunteerism and giving back to their own communities. There is a committee of 8-10 employees that represents all of our service areas (Mass, Manchester, Seacoast) they meet monthly and discuss ideas brought forward by employees, these ideas range from buying a gift baskets for local police and firemen, cleaning up walking/bike paths, donating tree saplings to front line hospital employees, installing flags at local cemetery for holidays, cookouts for non-profits, and to as simple as planting tomato plants at our shop and donating the harvest to the food bank. The mission is to have a culture with our #oneteam to instill, whether it’s a big or small request the company they work for may be able to help.