We Know Snow

For over 25 years, Outdoor Pride has ensured that our client’s facilities are accessible and safe -- no matter what these unforgiving New England winters throw our way. Our management team is involved in the Snow and Ice Management Association and many of our staff members have successfully completed Certified Snow Professional courses. Some might say we’re a bit snow-crazy. But really, we just strive to be masters of our craft.

Clients trust as year after year to keep their parking lots cleared, businesses open, and minds at ease. These clients include:

Corporate Campuses


Retail Centers

Hotels & Resorts

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Unrivaled Resources & Equipment

How do we provide superior service to you? By investing in superior resources and equipment for ourselves. Our inventory of snow removal resources is an invaluable part of the services that we offer. As is our fleet of snow removal equipment. Both are among the largest in all of New England. And at the helm of this fleet is over 300 trained and dedicated Outdoor Pride staff members.

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We Plan Before the Snowflake Falls

Our snow management process is all about communication. Prior to each winter storm or forecast of inclement weather, our on-site supervisors communicate with each facility operations employee via email or phone to determine the best strategy for the event. Then, we pre-treat the site, start and warm up equipment and begin monitoring the conditions. That means all equipment, resources and manpower is in place before a single snowflake falls -- and you can get back to business as soon as possible.

Zero Tolerance Means Reduced Liability

Slips and falls can hurt. Not only the person who is injured, but you as the liable party at your location. We take the necessary steps to assure that you, your employees, and your visitors are never in harm’s way -- and mitigate your exposure to liability. How? With communication, site preparation, and comprehensive weather contingency planning.

We prevent falls with round-the-clock monitoring and removing of:

  • Daytime Snow
  • Evening Snow
  • Freezing Rain/Sleet
  • Black Ice Conditions
  • Thaw/Refreeze Conditions

Our Service Area

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